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Hospitality Jobs >> Hospitality Articles >> Hospitality Career Feature >> Hotel Job - How Can You Get a Hotel Job?
  • Hospitality Career Feature

Hotel Job - How Can You Get a Hotel Job?

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Do you want to get a hotel job or career? There are always openings and hotel jobs available from different job search and websites on the internet. If you keep on browsing you will be able to find hotel employment that you think is perfectly right for you. But what does it takes to get that job?

There are a lot of criteria’s and requirements in order to get a hotel job but all these depends on the position and the type of job that you wish to have. There are clerks, engineering, catering, housekeepers, front desks, accountants, chefs, waiters and many more that works in the hotel.

One of the important qualifications in having a hotel job is a pleasing personality. Hotel employees serve and accommodate different kinds of people with different cultures and nationalities. It is important that employees especially the front desk workers demonstrate a pleasing personality in dealing with different guests and visitors. Another important qualification that is being required for those searching for hotel jobs is having good interpersonal and communication skills. Hotel showcases their service and it is important for hotel employees to deal with their clients with personal touch and communicate effectively. In this way the guest’s issues, problems and concerns will be accommodated and properly deal with.

Educational degree is also important for workers searching for hotel jobs. High school diplomas can be acceptable in hotel jobs depending on the position you are vying for. Basic computer skill is always required not only in hotel jobs but also in other jobs. You can have front office jobs in hotels with a high school degree and a pleasing personality. Just dress up professionally and show them what you got. Front office jobs receive $10 to $14 per house depending on the hotel.

If you are a hardworking person and keen to details, you can also apply as housekeeping. This job is always open and it is always easy to get a housekeeping job in a hotel. This job doesn’t require a lot, but a little experience in housekeeping will give you an edge among other applicants. You should have a good communicating skills, must be honest and accommodating.

Hotel clerk is one of the positions that applicants can easily apply on. A hotel clerk is usually the front line of guest satisfaction. This hotel job is crucial because the hotel clerk serves as the face of all the service employees and the management. They always get the praise or the blame for the guests experience at the hotel. To be good at this job, the hotel clerk should have pleasing personality, good communication skills, respectful and accommodating. The guests are dependent on the hotel clerk to provide them with accurate information about their stay, rates, rooms, schedules, etc. Hotel clerks should be good at providing this information and can react professionally and calmly during an emergency. If you show the Human Resource department that you are this type of person, you can get a hotel career easily.

The duties and functions of hotel clerk includes checking the guests and visitors in and out, performing daily duty within the hotel, delivering requested items to the guests, monitoring reservation phone calls, monitoring cash register, guests transactions, etc. Hotel clerks usually receive $8 to $16 per hour depending on the particular hotel, the number they have worked in the hotel and with the services they offered their guests.

There are more hotel jobs and careers that you can find. Having the basic qualities and requirements that employers seek will let you get a hotel job easily. It is a good experience and a good source of income too especially for teenagers who are looking for jobs. Start searching and get the hotel job that suits you.

Nailing the interview is one of the most important ways of getting your foot in the luxurious door. When you are asked about your availability be honest and understand that working in the hotel means you have to sacrifice many holidays and weekends. Express you willingness to work various shifts as well as overtime if your service is needed. Prepare answers to questions related to customer service like how to resolve difficult situation with a customer.

You can find more hotel job listings by visiting and sign up for a risk free trial today to find jobs that are just right for you!

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