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Veterans Shown Support by Firms Across Country

By jim  |  Dated: 11-13-2012

Many technological efforts are being made every day in order to help out young veterans who are returning from combat to get them a nonmilitant job, according to Channel Nomics.

The most recent veterans who came back to the United States are entering a world where citizens are still attempting to overcome a recession that has seen the unemployment number hit 8 percent.

Veterans who had been on active duty since September of 2001 have seen their unemployment number balloon to over 12 percent, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  They also found that unemployment for male vets from ages 18 to 24 is at 29 percent.

With military men and women being scaled back from Afghanistan, by 2016 another one million veterans will leave the armed forces for America.  Approximately 37 percent of the returnees will find employment with the government while 25 percent of vets without jobs claim they would prefer work in the public sector.  Unfortunately, so many organizations on the local, state and federal level have been cutting their staff lately.  Officials from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America believe there is a significant chance unemployment amongst veterans may expand.

Government programs to help veterans acclimate to nonmilitant jobs have worked, but a lot of the legwork has been handed off to the private sector, in particular the field of information technology.  Many former military workers are familiar in this area.  Some organizations have made big pushes to help.

Of late, ContinuumManaged Services LLC created the Continuum Veterans Foundation, a nonprofit group that will offer monetary care to veterans searching for employment.

CompTIA organized a Troops to Tech Careers push which will bring together 26 groups from across the nation to assist veterans in getting certifications and landing employment in the technology field.  Presently, they have lent a hand to over 5,600 veterans who have found work.

Hewlett-Packard Co. has collaborated with the White House and the SCORE association to create Veterans Fast Launch, which aids vets with tutelage, tools and guidance to erect technology occupations when they conclude their service time.

“With approximately 1 million veterans returning from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, two of the longest wars in our nation’s history, we have an obligation to reintegrate our heroes into society. There is a tremendous opportunity to tap into a talent pool of well-educated servicemen and women who are strongly motivated, highly trained and have many technical and professional skills,” says Continuum CEO Michael George, president of the Continuum Veterans Foundation.

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