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Hospitality Jobs >> Hospitality Articles >> Hospitality Career Feature >> How to Find a Job after Graduating from Culinary School
  • Hospitality Career Feature

How to Find a Job after Graduating from Culinary School

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Graduating from culinary school is a huge achievement that you should celebrate, but there is probably a much bigger issue looming in the back of your mind: finding jobs for chefs willing to hire a new grad. The good news is that you are a step ahead of much of the competition if you actually have your degree in culinary arts. Many people looking for chef jobs today have a lot of personal experience but little to no technical training, so you have something going for you even if you lack in the experience department.

The first step to finding personal chef jobs and other types of jobs for chefs is to go online and browse through the job directories. You want to specifically seek out those which cater exclusively to chef positions because they are going to give you more of the valuable information you need.

You don't want to jump right into making your resume and applying for positions. Just look around and make a note of some general trends:

* What type of businesses are currently offering the most jobs for chefs?
* Are personal chef jobs more widely available in certain cities or states?
* What are the most common qualifications listed?
* What personal skills or personality traits are in demand?
* What are the typical salary ranges?

It is useful to look at a variety of listings for different types of jobs in different types of businesses to get a good feel for what is being offered, who is doing the offering, and what they are looking for in a good chef candidate.

The next step is to put together a professional resume that displays your skills and molds you as the perfect candidate according to the information you have just collected. You want to be the perfect candidate for every type of job, so make a different resume for every type of position you may apply to. That means you would have one that presents you in a positive light for personal chef jobs and another one for large restaurants with varied chef openings.

Finally, it is time to actually start actively seeking jobs for chefs and putting in your resume. Start with listings on the culinary job directories where you performed you research earlier, applying to all listings within a reasonable commute from your home.

If you have a specific type of job in mind, remember that you may need to work in other positions at first to get some experience or just to get your foot in the door with a reputable employer. Your job right now is to find jobs for chefs and apply to them, just to get your first break.

You also want to do some research into your local area and put in applications with all restaurants, catering services, and other local businesses which may employ chefs. If you can't find something in your local area start applying to positions further away from your home. The more open you are to moving further away, the more opportunities you are going to find available to you.

Don't assume any job is beneath you at this point. Often, you can end up with a lucrative personal chef position if you just get into a company at a lower position and make it very clear that you have the skill and training to do the higher chef jobs.

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